Our Airless Containers


Airless cosmetic containers are the new future of cosmetic beauty packaging and we are on the top of this breakthrough innovation.

1) Airless containers protect sensitive products such as natural skin care products with no or limited preservatives by preventing them from excessive exposure to air. This prevents loss of potency thereby increasing product shelf life up to 15% more.

2) The system also protect products from drying up because of less exposure.

3) It helps to reduce contamination that can result from dipping your fingers in your product.

4) It helps to prevent waste. Airless container such as pump bottles don’t have dip tube but have diaphragm that rises to evacuate the product. When you depress the pump, it creates a vacuum effect that pushes the product upwards. This ensures that you get just the right amount of the product that you need at a time. The mechanism also helps to avoid waste since you will be able to pump out and use almost 100% of the product in the container.



An airless packaging uses a difference in environmental pressure to create a vacuum that can evacuate a product from a container. This is different from a traditional aerosol, which often requires a propellant that is added to a product. The propellant maintains an even pressure in the container by evaporating a small amount, and when evacuated, evaporates rapidly so that only the product being dispensed remains as very fine droplets or mist. Airless solutions don’t require propellant,s though there are many variations of airless containers, the main type we used is based on a functional interior plunger. The plunger creates an airtight seal in the interior of the barrel portion that houses the product, so when it is actuated, the product is pushed up from the bottom and evacuated completely. As the product is evacuated the plunger moves up preventing any air to enter the container.


Know that product pumps sometimes need priming!

Is the product’s pump not working? A number of our products use this sophisticated air-tight pump technology to ensure that your product ingredients stay active, and to prevent contamination. These pumps can be finicky and sometimes need a little finesse to prime the pumping mechanism for the first time. If you are having trouble using a product with a pump please try the following steps or contact us:

  1. Shake the product

  2. Place a towel on a firm surface

  3. Turn the product upside down and gently tap on the towel with the lid on

  4. Pump several times

  5. Repeat