About Us

"Natural Essence is a pharmacist pioneered world class, natural, organic and botanical skin care product line"

As a pharmacist, I began to seek for safe and effective skin care products for my self and family. With a sound knowledge of pharmacology and therapeutics, I understand how active ingredients interact with human body (inside and outside), their safety and efficacy and adverse reactions and interactions. From my clinical perspective, a product ingredients must make sense and deliver results without toxic chemicals. Driven by evidenced base practice and therapeutic outcomes with patient encounter, I quickly realized that nature was the best provider of those ingredients with high performance quality. Soon my personal care products made with carefully selected botanical ingredients started showing noticeable results.

Fast forward, my interest in sharing these high performance personal care products with the whole world led me into collaboration with other pharmacists and physicians. As a team of scientists, highly trained in how plants and human bodies work and how to create products to fit your unique needs, we began to embark on more research and developments. As clinicians, our goal is to provide our customers with the safest skin products free from harmful ingredients found in most cosmetics. Our inspiration continue to come from mother nature and the raw beauty of its elements. Harnessing plants, fruits, vegetables, oils and other natural components, we formulated these innovative natural skin care products for the mainstream market. Our team of pharmacists and medical doctors carefully selected potent botanical ingredients while keeping the products natural and safe. That was how the NATURAL ESSENCE LUXURY SKINCARE product line was born.

At Natural Essence, our aim is to provide our clients with unique skin products formulated to rejuvenate the skin and evoke a sense of health and well being. These impeccable products are made with nothing but the purest and highest quality natural ingredients, sourced around the world and developed in the optimum concentrations to deliver powerful results.

We believe that the right products, whether a face serum, a face cleanser, whole body treatment or any one of other amazing products, can improve your life and will bring out the inner beauty already shining in you. We look forward to giving you nothing less than first class products and services. "Healthy Skin, Healthy Life, Radiant You"




GMO, Toxins, Harmful chemicals, Artificial colors, Artificial fragrances, Synthetic chemicals, Parabens, Mineral oils and Animal testing.

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