About Us

My simple solution 

A message from the founder, Dr. Gertrude Mkparu, PharmD

My mission is simple: to create clean skincare with homegrown values. As a pharmacist with deep ties to holistic health, it’s my life’s passion to bring science-driven solutions to vegan formulas that are powerful and effective.

My team of scientists include my two children, Dr. Ify Yvonne Madu, a pharmacist and beauty influencer, and Dr. Nkeiru Uradu, a pediatrician and natural hair product formulator—both of whom are also my brand ambassadors. Then there’s my dear husband, Dr. Fidelis Mkparu, a medical doctor who oversees the lab research, technical formulation and manufacturing process. And finally, I have my trusted tech wiz, my son, Okey Jr.

A family formula

“When scientists get together, so many innovative things happen”, Dr. Gertrude Mkparu

Wholesome, honest and natural--together, we’ve developed an innovative, family-focused approach to loving our skin. “HEALTHY SKIN, HEALTHY LIFE, RADIANT YOU” are the three pillars on which Natural Essence Skincare thrives. What we apply to our skin is as vital as what we eat. With this truth in mind, my goal is to nurture our inner and outer health with treatments that are rich with natural actives and antioxidants. Backed by over 15 years of research, these formulas are proven to go pore-deep, transforming the look and feel of our skin.


Creating cruelty-free cosmetics, free from harmful chemicals, is a proud expression of my life’s work. My ability to fuse beauty and well-being through skin care has been the source for countless compliments from colleagues and friends, and the inspiration behind my decision to share my cosmetic breakthroughs with the world market.


Among some of my favorite ingredients are Rose flower, Aloe vera, Chamomile, Calendula flower, White Willow Bark extracts, Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Jojoba seed oil, Argan oil, Calendula oil, Sweet Almond oil—just to name a few. These youth-boosting oils have high viscosity and fatty acids, similar to our natural skin sebum. Our body can absorb these oils more quickly and easily, transmitting their nutrients right down to our baby stem cells! That’s where the magic happens. Jam-packed with healing and rejuvenating properties, these special ingredient combinations can actually train our skin to grow softer, brighter and smoother.